Our Mission Objectives

Vaccinating  has a number of reaction risks which can cause a variety of problems and complications from side effects  to the actual vaccine.

Our Intention is to create Mass Citizen Awareness in Australia  of the Sinister Agenda of our Authorities regarding:

  • The Toxic Dangers of All Vaccinations
  • The Toxic Dangers in our Food and Water supply
  • Our Government’s Covert Agenda – to Enforce Toxic Flu Vaccines on Everyone
  • The Toxic Dangers of Pharmaceutical Drugs and the Destruction of our Immune Systems
  • The Clandestine Networks of Numerous Government Child Abuse Rings.

Our Plan of Action is to:

  • Continually update our websites with new and relevant information on the Vaccine Risks.
  • Advertise our information portals in local media. Presently our aim is to advertise monthly in Parents in Perth which has a distribution of 76 000 copies.
  • Inform every pre-school in Australia with posters and flyers about these impending dangers and vaccine side effects.
  • Distribute flyers and posters to Natural Health Practitioners, Universities, Social Clubs, Religious Organisations etc
  • Distribute this information at local festivals and public shows
  • Inform citizens of the many ways we can all enjoy Abundant Health – Naturally – by creating a Powerful Immune System in our bodies


Places where Information has been distributed – linked in blue:

Pre-School Nurseries in W.A.

Pre-School Nurseries in N.S.W

Pre-School Nurseries in Victoria

Pre-School Nurseries in S.A

Pre-School Nurseries in N.T

Pre-School Nurseries in Queensland

Pre-School Nurseries in Tasmania

Religious Organisations

Naturopaths & Dietitians

Alternative Health Services

Aboriginal Associations

Family Welfare Organisations

Civil Rights & Political Organisations

Men’s & Women’s Organisations


The W.H.O.’s and the Australian government’s intention is to make Vaccinations mandatory and enforced on everyone – man, women and child.

Contact for Support and Sponsorship

About Us: Truth Seekers Australia is a not-for-profit organisation and created to inform the citizens of Australia of government corruption and mass child abuse. It has been created and is coordinated by George Hardy Farquhar who has been a human rights researcher and activist for the past 12 years.

Our main issue of concern is the protection of children against abuse by our governments for their own covert and sinister agendas. There is a plan for a full-blown exposé website on all methodologies of government child abuse which will be online early 2010. CorruptPolice.com.au

The distribution of this information is limited by the funds available. Time is of the essence, therefore any generous donation toward this honourable cause would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact George:  Wildspirit7@yahoo.com.au