Legislation for compulsory vaccination in Australia

Hi Everyone,

I have just returned from a Summit with all the activists in Australia working on stopping vaccination and discrimination for your children and also the children of the future in this country.

There were some heart- retching stories – one mother there has had her children removed from her care because she will not have

Them vaccinated, she uses natural therapies and she home schools. This was a remarkable woman and very normal – just trying to do

The best for her children. They are now living with their father and his new partner – a nurse who vaccinates people. She is not even allowed.

To speak to her children on the phone. I think they are both below 6 years of age. I cannot imagine what the children are going through and

While I got a good idea what the mother is going through, I cannot of course image her constant grief.

Two months ago I got an email from a parent in Victoria who had a visit from a family friend and his friend – a doctor who advised this

Woman of unvaccinated children, that he was on a panel to draft the legislation for compulsory vaccination in Australia.

If every there is a time to get active, this is it. Once legislation is in place it is very hard to get it removed. WE NEED TO STOP IT HAPPENING.

So what can you do

1.. Make an appointment with your Federal Member and go and visit them and let them know you will never support compulsory vaccination or anyone

In Parliament who supports it. Let them know you have done your homework and vaccination is neither safe nor effective.

It is best to write a letter and hand it to the member so it is on record. Many more letters and they will take an interest.

If you are not comfortable going alone, please let me know and others in your area may go with you.

2.. I am attaching my membership form so you can print some off and give them to as many people as possible. I cannot tell you how many people

Have said to me over the years “I am so glad my friend …. gave me some info or your details so I could get info about vaccination.” Take a risk, hand out the forms

To friends, family and any pregnant women you see – just say “You will be needing this” – hand them the form and walk off. Put one on a car windscreen if you are parked next to a car with a baby capsule in it. Many parents don’t want to vaccinate – they just don’t have the info and support not to do it.

3. We also want to be in contact with parents who have a child damaged, disabled or deceased from vaccination. It does not matter whether the medical people have acknowledged the reaction – we know parents know what has happened to their children. – We want to make You-Tube clips – short ones – anonymous if need be – and get these on facebook etc. Parents vaccinate out of fear – they will also stop vaccinating out of fear if they see plenty more clips of the damage.

Please do the above 3 things – write yourself a note – make it a priority – if you think others will do it so you won’t bother – you are playing right into the drug company’s hands.

Email me if you want someone to accompany you to visit your federal member or you know people with damaged children – even if they are grown now.


Stephanie Messenger


0412 671 922