Anti-Vaccine Networking Flyers

Truth Seekers Australia  Anti-Vaccine Network

It is the intention of our Governments to eventually legislate Mandatory and Enforced Swine Flu Vaccinations on Everyone! Please help others become aware of this major Human Rights Abuse Now!

Vaccine Fact Brochures – Educate Your Local Community

Help protect as many children and adults as possible from this useless toxic assault by printing these brochures and distributing them widely to friends, colleagues, health food stores, day care centres, schools, clubs, libraries, alternative practitioners and anywhere else appropriate (where they will sex live sex not immediately be thrown away by people influenced by vested interests).

Australian Vaccine Information Service Flyers

FLYER: Each week millions of children are poisoned – Thousands fatally

FLYER: Vaccination Confusion – Is this what Nature intended for your baby?

Truth Seekers Australia Flyers & Posters

POSTER: Child Vaccine Dangers (color A4)

FLYER: Child Vaccine Dangers (B/W A5 flyers – 2 per page)

DIAGRAM: Medical Mafia Pyramid of Disease and Power

DIAGRAM: Medical Mafia Cycle of Disease and Power

Myth Busting Vaccine Propaganda Flyer

FLYER: Myth Busting